Wellness is about affecting human health on a molecular level - impacting occupants' memory, ability to learn, and productivity. Employers are making the connections to the drivers in our built environment that contribute to elevated stress levels, lack of sleep, and the ability to focus or the need to connect with others.

Incorporate these wellness features in your space to demonstrate a focus on employee health and wellness:

  • Arrange workstations within the building so the majority of occupants have access to natural daylight and a view to nature.
  • Provide all regular occupants with access to active workstations, such as sit/stand desks or treadmill desks.
  • Provide employees with a break area(s) featuring: seating, refrigerator, microwave, and sink.
  • Adopt regular cleaning schedule for the interiors of refrigerators and freezers in break areas.
  • Locate water coolers throughout the office so occupants have easy access to drinking water.